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Sveti Vlas

Sveti Vlas village (3 000 people) is situated on the Black Sea coast and at the foot of the south slope of Stara Planina. The village is situated in close distance from: Bourgas - 40 km, Nessebar - 8 km, Sunny Beach - 4 km, Paradise Beach - 1,5 km and Elenite 2 km.

Sveti Vlas was originally founded in 2nd century BC. as thracian village with the name "Larisa", during the 14th century the name changes to Sveti Vlas - a farmer, medician and keeper of the dealers. During the Turkish slavery are known few names of the village, and they all are linked to the monasteries around the village. The Turkish called it Kiuchuk manastir, and in the registers it was written as Manastir village. The unique combination of mountain and sea, turned Sveti Vlas into a place with excellent climate for people with lung illnesses. The beach nearest is 1 km long and 16 m width. There are actually two beaches - the main one and the small one. On the eastern side is situated the small port of local fishermen.

The Sveti Vlas area and the surrounding resorts as a whole are the most popular tourist destination in Bulgaria. It is also known as the unofficial Bulgarian Rivierre. This gigantic mega-resort includes Aheloi, Ravda, Sunny Beach, Zora complex, Sveti Vlas, Paradise Beach and Elenite. The village of St. Vlas, located next to the massive holiday resort of Sunny Beach- Nessebar, is one of the fastest growing communities in Bulgaria. Sunny Beach is a resort area, comprised of numerous hotels, night clubs, shops and restaurants. The beach at the resort is 8 km (5 miles) long and boasts fine sand and a developed and well maintained area with sun beds and umbrellas. South of Sunny Beach is located the ancient ''island village'' of Nessebar.

Things to do

There are lots of things to do and see in Sveti Vlas here is just a few:

- Visit the fabulous beaches, from the main sands bordered by lush pines to stony stretches along the shoreline. Alongside these are, cheerful restaurants promise to refresh your energies, with the bath-warm waters providing a perfect accompaniment.

- Just a stroll from the centre, a traditional fishing harbour makes a gentle spot to relax.

- Old St. Vlas village sits in the hills beneath the majestic Stara Planina Mountains. And after dark, the town has plenty of inviting bars and eateries radiating a relaxed atmosphere.


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