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The Rhodope Mountain is well known for its exquisite beauty, charm and the wisdom it radiates. According to the Greek mythology and recently proven is that The Rhodope Mountain is the birthplace of Orpheus and Euridica. The mountain is composed of multitude of mountain chains and it is the greatest mountain at the territory of the Balkan Peninsula.

The Rhodope Mountain is situated at Southern Europe and more specifically in the southern part of the Balkan Peninsula. Some of its territory occupies the territory of Bulgaria and the rest of it is in Northern Greece. The highest mountain chains lie in the Northern part of Bulgaria, which is actually the midpoint of the mountain itself. The highest peak, Big Perelik, is at 2191 meters above the sea level. This part of the Rhodope Mountain which is also known as Mid Rhodopes has for its administrative centre the city of Smolyan (a fast growing town with 31 000 inhabitants).

The view which opens out from the highest points of the mountain are really overwhelming. The climate there is mild and all the four seasons are normally disturbed throughout the year. The summer there is cool and calm and the average temperature is 19 degrees. The winter is long but mild, as well, as the influence of the Mediterranean climate is greatly felt, being the Greek coast a short drive distance away. The winds in the Rhodopes are not strong. There is snow for about 120 and 170 days a year and when it snows, it heaps up to 1-1,5 meters at the locations where the level above the sea reaches 1000 meters.

Pamporovo, the pearl of the Bulgarian mountain resorts, nests in the heart of the Rhodopes, 260 km from the capital Sofia, and 85 km south of the city of Plovdiv.
The altitude of the resort is 1650 m. The highest point Snejanka is 1926 m high.
Here you can find 17.5 km alpine tracks with various grades of difficulty, 34 km long-distance running tracks, 5 chair-lifts and 13 tows with total capacity 8500 persons per hour, ski-kindergarden.
One day on the slopes of Pamporovo is enough to give you a nice golden tan. There are more than 120 sunny days and average snow layer of 140-150 cm. And the temperature never falls below – 7 C.
If you cannot ski, you could get professional assistance, the ski and snowboard school in Pamporovo is one of the best in Europe. Highly qualified instructors, fluent in at least two foreign languages, provide excellent expert assistance.
The Pamporovo resort is recommended by the experts within the industry as a great place both for beginners and for experienced skiers. The mountain with its rounded curves will welcome you and your family and friends for a memorable vacation leaving unforgettable memories and great desire to come back as soon as possible.
The ski tracks of Pamporovo have all degrees of difficulty. Most of the tracks start from the very peak. There are a good number of cross-country runs in Pamporovo. In the 11 ski-wardrobes near the lift facilities, you can find thousands top quality outfits and equipment, snow-boards and sleighs. You can also keep your gear safe, there are different options for renting.

Enjoying the shades of the dense woods, the freshness of the spring mineral water and the mystical whisper of the Rhodopes, you can really sense the divine freedom of Bulgarian spirit. The amazing natural power of the mountain will fill you with positive energy. Chepelare was founded as a settlement in the beginning of XVII century and ever since than represent the proud Bulgarian identity of the local people.

The ski slopes are situated less than a mile from the town. Currently there are two tracks – “Mechi Chal 1” (3,2km.) and “Mechi Chal 2” ( 5,2km. – actually the longest on the Balkans) - offering one of the best ski conditions in whole Europe. There are excellent ski facilities services provided – a lift with a capacity of 800 persons per hour, plus new, already undertaken ski tracks and facilities projects undertaken. There are over 30 family hotels to meet booming tourists’ accommodation needs - their number and services offered is growing fast. Big apartment complexes and other building projects are under construction. Chepelare is a preferred destination for those who are looking for a more budget-wise option, the town has great atmosphere – welcoming and charming and you will be away from the crowd, enjoying the privacy and the organic food offered by the local people. You will be literally minutes away from Pamoporovo’s ski tracks, night clubs and entertainment.

The 4 months long ski season’s end does not end the amazing vacation opportunities that The Rhodopes can offer you. During the long sunny summer days you can go for a weekend escapee with you loved ones, enjoying the wild nature and taking care of your health at the same time. You can appreciate the exceptional qualities of The Rhodopes as a tourist destination all year round. Large number of mineral springs are located all over the mountain range. The most famous recreational and medical spa locations in this region are the spa resorts of Devin, Banite and Narechenski bani. The mineral water content and specifications of the Devin mineral spring are excellent, it could be only compared with world wide famous mineral resorts like Perrier in France, and actually is better in some of the specifications. The water temperature varies from 37 to 42 ° С(depending on the source where it is coming from) It is applicable and provides excellent results for large range of different diseases. Resulting the resort of Devin a great place to enjoy the Rhodopes and pamper yourself with full range of spa and medical procedures. It is an area with amazing potential and great people living there.

Another distinguished spa resort is Banite. Hidden in the hearth of the mountain it is only 56km. away form the municipal town of Smolyan, 130km. form the second biggest city in Bulgaria - Plovdiv and its international airport, as well as approximately 270km. from Sofia. Its prime location and excellent accessibility (25 minutes from the Greek border) plus the amazing quality of its mineral spring make it an attractive tourist destination and investment location. The warm mineral spring (35-43°С) and its curative power was discovered far in the past. The ancient Greeks and Romans benefitted it for centuries and ever since than it was a popular and sought after location. The spectrum of its curative effects is literally incredible. The local people take really good care of the development of their community and here you can enjoy the peaceful country life, large range of spa procedures and tourist activities on affordable rates. Banite is a place where you will have lots of memorable moments with your loved ones and friends – do not miss it!

Things to do

There are lots of things to do and see in Pamaporov here is just a few:

- Pamporovo is one of Bulgaria's most popular ski resorts. It's situated at an altitude of 1620m in the Rhodopi Mountains. Pamprovo is supposed to be the sunniest of all winter resorts and to have snow from November to April. If you're not into skiing, there are lots of other possibilities to keep you occupied, like skating or hiking.
You can also go up to the café on the tv tower on Snezhanka mountain and enjoy the views

- The sunniest mountain resort in Europe with more than 200 sunny days per year One of the best ski-schools in Europe

- There are 25 ski slopes including 'The Giant Slalom' and 'The Wall' for the most skilled, as well as 3 long-distance cross-country runs.

- As well as Skiing there is snowboarding, tobogganing, husky dog-sleds, and an unmissable ski show during the season

- Shopping areas

- Bowling alleys, clubs, bars and excellent restaurants

- Pamporovo is also a very popular summer resort too, being marketed as a 'mountains-and-lakes' resort, when guided walking and cycling tours are on offer, mountain bikes can be hired, and tennis courts, horse riding and hiking are all available.


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