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Vidin region is located in the northwestern of part  Bulgaria. distinguished by its rich historical heritage and beautiful scenery. proof of its millenary history are many historical, cultural and architectural monuments.Vidin is located on the banks of the Danube River, 200 km northwest of Sofia, 5 km from the Romanian city of Calafat and 20 km from the border with Serbia. big interest  wakened Vida fortress. It is the only fully preserved medieval castle in Bulgaria. In  the city are still Jewish synagogue, mosque of the Osman Pazvantoglu , Krastata   casern. Cathedral St.Dimitar  is the second-largest  in Bulgaria after Sofia St.Aleksandur  Nevski. In town Belogradchik are unique Belogradchishki  rocks, which are among the most beautiful natural sites in Bulgaria. With its fantastic set-pieces of people, castles and animals they carry one another fairy world. Between inaccessible  and cliff south of the town rises  fortress-Calais built around 3-century. Magura cave is located 35 km southwest of Vidin. Some call it the eighth wonder of the world and is among the largest caves in Bulgaria. Cave is with a unique prehistoric rock drawings  .  Has 700 paintings with religious and hunting scenes, theoldest of whom are aged 7000 years.


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