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The region of Sliven Balkan is known for its rich cultural heritage, curative mineral springs, beautiful nature, wild life and vegetation. The Natural park of Sinite kamani preserves the biological diversity of the region and offers marvellous opportunities for mountain tourism and hiking. The massive ridges panorama overviews miles and miles of the picturesque surroundings, taking your breath, showing you the best of the Bulgarian nature.

All over its territory there are numerous tourist eco tracks that lead to magnificent peaks, unique natural phenomenon such as the rock formations of Halkata (The Ring), Kuklite (The Dools), Eniova bulka (Eniov's Bride), the waterfalls of Sini vir and Futuala, as well as dozens of crystal mountain brooks. In the Karandila resort, situated not far away from the town of Sliven you will have the opportunity to have a recreation of full value among the marvellous nature of Stara planina mountain. It is a popular area for family gatherings and quiet weekend escapees.

The town of Sliven itself acted important role in the Bulgarian Revival Campaign, as well as the 19-th and 20-th century industrialization of the country. In the 50, 60 and 70’s it was and actually still is important industrial and municipal centre. Currently it changes its face, focusing more and more on tourism and light industry. The town is part of some major government and European Union projects, that have significantly improved the standard of living of its citizens. Sport facilities project is undertaken and close to completion. The city has beautiful centre with authentic architecture, lots of shops, restaurants and clubs.

Short drive distance away is the town of Kotel, called the Stronghold of Bulgarian spirit, Cradle of the Bulgarian Revival, you can still feel the active spirit of Bulgarian enlighteners and get acquainted with the typical Bulgarian craft - weaving art. In the picturesque villages of Zheravna, proclaimed an architectural reserve, Neikovo, Medven and Gradets you will submerge into the atmosphere of the past time. They have preserved their National Revival aspect - narrow cobblestone streets, one or two-storey wooden houses surrounded by high stone walls. In the resort of Slivenski mineral baths you have the opportunity to combine spa and medical treatment with recreation among the marvellous mountain nature.

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Churches, houses and school from the Renaissance have been preserved.

To the north-east of Sliven is the picturesque area Sinite kamani (the Blue Stones). The rocky groups here are called with different names, such as Kouklite (the Dolls), Bachvata (the Butt), Kamilata (the Camel),

The beautiful nature, mineral water springs and the numerous cultural and historical monuments are an important part of the biggest potential opportunities of Sliven in the sphere of international tourism. The park "Sinite Kamani"("The Blue Stones") comprises of about 7 thousand hectares and it is the third biggest after Pirin and Vitosha. Apart the fact that it is extremely picturesque, the region is remarkable with the preserved in its boundaries rare vegetative and animal species, some of which are under the protection of the country and Europe. The nearest and the most frequently visited part - Karandila - can be reached by a rope lift line.

Three state Cultural Institutes work in Sliven - a Drama Theatre, a Puppet Theatre and a National Museum of the textile industry. The Municipal professional cultural institutes are: The Historical Museum, The Art Gallery, Folk Song and Dance Ensemble, The Symphony Orchestra, the Universal scientific library and community centres, some of which have over a 100-years history.


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