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The Process and Expenses Involved in Buying a Property In Bulgaria

All conveyance fees related to buying a home in Bulgaria are paid from the buyer and only the solicitor can state the exact amount for your chosen property. This will include:

- Land/Property tax
- All lawyer fees
- All notary fees
- All court taxes

Land tax and Notary fee both depend on the declared value of property. Unless customer advice different the government valuation tax will be written on the deeds.

If you wish us to give you an estimate of what these may cost e-mail us with the reference number of the property and we will give you an example.

NB these figures do vary from region to region and are dependant on different variables including solicitors and house prices.

Our Commission

Our charge for finding you your dream Bulgarian property and providing you with a stress and hassle free purchase is £500. The commission is paid once the property has been secured for you, at the same time as the signing of the preliminary agreement.

Securing the property & organising the preliminary agreement -

If you are personally in Bulgaria to secure the property, then a 10% deposit and preliminary contract must be signed. If you wish to reserve a property from the UK we will place your 10% deposit for you and sign the preliminary contract on your behalf.

NB: Once a reservation deposit is paid EITHER in the UK or Bulgaria you will normally have 30 days in which to complete the deal (with agreement of the seller this can be extended). The deposit is non-refundable unless the seller breaks the contract.

Signing for your new property

This is done at the government Notary office. The final payment will then be made and the Notary fee.

NB: The Solicitor and Notary state these fees, they depend on the value of the property entered into the final deed.

Translating Notary deed into English

Our translators are highly qualified and with years of experience in legal translation. We will get all documents stamped by the government department that puts a legal requirement on us to make sure the translations are absolutely correct. Giving you total confidence that you understand and are fully aware of what you are buying.