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Borovec is the biggest mountain resort in Bulgaria. It’s situated at 1350 meters altitude, at the foot of the summit called Musala – 2925 m above sea level. It’s located 11 km away from Samokov, 75 km away from Sofia and 125 km away from Plovdiv.

The resort offers excellent climate conditions for relaxation all the year round. During the summer the air is cool and refreshing, winter is open. The healthy atmosphere makes the resort an attractive place for relaxation even during the off-ski season. It is a great place to escape to during the summer heat. It offers a perfect opportunity for amateur and professional winter sport and therefore the mountain resort has been а venue twice for the world ski championship. The track for biathlon is among the best rated in the world. The lift has the capacity to serve up to 11, 200 tourists per hour, and makes all tracks accessible to the tourists. The length of the tracks is 60 km, with different level of difficulties. The thickness of the snow is at an average of 1.2 m and it’s with adequate maintenance. There are 10 centres were tourists can rent ski, sledge, ski equipment, and drawers for safekeeping. There is a ski academy of world renown with more than 200 instructors speaking foreign languages. The academy offers diploma upon successful completion of each course. The average temperature for January (the coldest month of the year) is - 4.6° С. There is a seven days fully operational regular and ski-kindergarden as well as ski wardrobe facilities offering full ski and snowboard equipment from the best brands on the market.

There are major foreign and local property development investments in the resort, as well as government infrastructural projects (new ski facilities, roads,. Also there are future plans for the so called “Mega-Borovec” project which will be probably undertaken in a matter of few years time. A lot of 4 and 5 star establishments have been recently opened.

The resort is fully equipped with professional highly skilled emergency services including a fast response helicopter unit and specially trained K-9 team.

The entertainment – lots of night clubs, discos, pubs, restqurants, as well as excellent spa facilities, attractive bowling and pool clubs, swimming pools, tennis courts, etc.Among the pleasant experience witnessed by tourist are the Bulgarian folklore-nights, with possible taste of the Bulgarian cuisine and Bulgarian wines.

Things to do

There are lots of things to do and see in Bovorets here is just a few:

- Take rides on the main gondola in Borovets enjoy the views and soak up the atmosphere at a mountain restaurant

- A total must experience! Enjoy a wild ride driven by yourself through the snow covered pine forests. It can be done at night or day

- Borovets is a resort of Alpine type and provides very good conditions for snow sports during the winter: skiing, night- skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ski jumps and biathlon, ski-doo, in the resort, etc.

- There are ski runs available for beginners, intermediates and advanced skiers, designed with international markings and multilingual signs. Pistes are bashed and maintained to the high standard!

- We would certainly recommend the world famous Rila Monastery or the busy city of Sofia for sightseeing or shopping

- Why not visit the palace "Carska Bistrica" which is just 10 minutes walk from the new centre of the resort.

- Borovets is full of bars, cafes, night clubs, and discos 


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