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The town of Kalofer stands 600 meters above sea level and is situated on the two banks of the Tundja River, at the foot of Botev peak- the highest in the Balkan range. It has 3800 habitants and is located 155 km to the east of Sofia, 73 km north of Plovdiv, 17 km east of Karlovo and 36 km to the west of Kazanlak.

According to the legend, in the middle of the 16th century a group of men, leaded by Kalofer Voivoda, kept attacking Turkish caravans. They were difficult to cope with and finally the Sultan allowed them to settle in this area but only if the attacks stop. They founded the town of Kalofer after abducting girls from the nearest town-Sopot.

In the next centuries Kalofer grew as a cultural and a trading centre. It is a birth place of the Bulgarian poet and revolutionary Hristo Botev and the town where the Apostle of liberty Vasil Levski went to school.

Kalofer is one of the few Bulgarian towns with strong traditions, preserved customs and a great number of churches, monasteries and chapels. It is famous for wood- carving, weaving and especially the Kalofer’s lace.

The most impressive place is the Memorial complex "Hristo Botev", which includes the monument and the native place of the writer. Other places of interest are the churches "St. Virgin Mary", "St. Atanas", the stone bridges over the river Tundja, the school of Botio “The Teacher”, etc.

The ‘Tundza’ river runs through the town and the Byala Reka or ‘White river’ is situated 7kms from the town. Along the White river are a few cafes with bed and breakfast facilities leading to more walking trails. Here you will also find the Kalofer monastery nestled in the valley. The road leading to the summer camp “Panitsnite’, follows the river Tundza, winding it’s way to the foot of the trails. During the summer months you will find families and friends scattered along the banks enjoying picnics and BBQ’s along the cool river banks. Not far from Panitsnite is the summer youth camp Djendema eco-centre. Various organised horseback riding tours can be arranged from the tourist information centre.

6km away from the town are located "The Birth of the Virgin Mary"-a monastery for young girls and a summer resort called Panizite, which is a starting point for many tourist itineraries to the peak of Botev and the highest waterfall in Bulgaria - the Raysko Praskalo (Paradise waterfall).

Kalofer is the starting point of the eco trails to the Stara Planina. National Park “Central Balkan” is part of the European network of protected territories PAN Parks. The local people are proud, they love their town, know and respect the rich history heritage and keep the free Bulgarian spirit.. Here you can learn and understand the well kept Bulgarian habits and spend marvellous vacation in harmony with the amazing nature.

In Kalofer there are houses and villas for tourists, as well as cosy family hotels and taverns.

Do not miss the opportunity to visit this magnificent town- its is a memorable lifetime experience.

Things to do

There are lots of things to do and see in Kalofer here is just a few:

The highest peak in the Balkan range – Botev peak.

It is the birthplace of the great Bulgarian poet and revolutionary Hristo Botev.


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