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The region of Teteven Balkan includes part of the central ridge of the magnificent Stara planina mountain. It offers marvellous opportunities for mountain and eco tourism among the incredible nature and fresh air of the Balkan. In the National park of Central Balkan, and in the reserves of Boatin and Tsarichina is preserved the natural beauty and diversity of the region. Because of the long 45 years period of uncontrollable socialism, including illegal hunting, etc., many plant and animal species are threatened with extinction and included in the Red Bulgarian book.

There are numerous picturesque tourist routes and eco tracks that lead to cozy chalets. Wonderful conditions for recreation and relaxation close to nature plus excellent accommodation opportunities give the well-known holiday village of Ribaritsa, and town of Teteven, situated on the banks of Beli vit river, the town of Etropole, located not far away from the beautiful waterfall of Varovitets, as well as many small villages such as Lesidren, Vasiliovo and others. Of great interest in the region is the cave of Saeva dupka.

Teteven is famous for its plum brandy. Each year at the beginning of the month of May the biggest mountain cycling race on the Balkan Peninsula is held here. The village of Ribaritsa (at 12km to the east) is one of the longest villages in Bulgaria and it is a famous mountainous resort. There are a lot of holiday houses, country-houses, private hotels and public catering establishments. It is among the key points of departure for tourist passages in the Teteven Balkan.

The historical Glojenski Monastery is located above the village of Glojene (15 km from Teteven). There is no such other monastery in Bulgaria, "landed" on a rocky edge, which looks like a Medieval Castle. It was founded in 13 th century by the Kiev prince Glozh, after its escape from South Russia. 25km north-west from the town is situated the cave Sueva Dupka. There is no regular transport, though there is a good asphalt road up to the cave. You can also use the regular bus lines to the village of Brestnitza. On the land of the town there are many other nature landmarks: the caves "Liastovitsa" and "Morovitsa" and the waterfalls "Praskaloto" and "Skoka" tucked in the wild nature.

Things to do

There are lots of things to do and see in Teteven here is just a few:

- In the town vicinities can be found Koznitsa waterfall and Sinyoto kolelo (the Blue Wheel) and Yamata (the Pit) caverns

- There are two nature reserves on the territory of Teteven Municipality. Boatin and Tsarichina nature reserves are part of the Central Balkan Mountains National Park

- The St. Prophet Elijah Monastery (14th c.) situated in the north-eastern section of Teteven at the foot of Ostrets massif The Glozhene Monastery of St. George is not among Bulgaria's biggest monasteries, but it is classed among the most inaccessible ones

- Hiking activities

- Cycling tours

- Restaurants, cafes and cocktail bars, night clubs and discotheques will make your stay enjoyable.


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