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The beautiful town of Vratsa is located just 116km away from the capital-Sofia at an altitude of 370m. Just like some other Bulgarian towns Vratza has a history passing through thousands of years and several historical ages.

The natural park 'Vrachanski Balkan' is very famous and visited by thousands of tourists throughout the year. It also offers wonderful opportunities for hiking and the richest cave in the country (“Ledenika”). Along the northern stone cliff slopes of Vrachanska Mountain with an area of 1,453 is situated reverse Vrachanski karst. The nature landmarks and protected territories in the park are worth visiting. Vratsata is the highest vertical limestone cliff on the Balkan Peninsula and in Europe at this altitude and Ledenika is the first urbanized cave in Bulgaria with the first registered cave inhabitant. Skakjia is the highest waterfall in Bulgaria and Lakatniski Rocks is the richest and most well-situated cave fauna location in Bulgaria.

The park has picked up a lot of witnesses events, facts remains and cultural monuments over the years. Just south of Vratsa is Okolchitza Peak, where Hristo Botev, one of the most romantic, famous and beloved figures in Bulgaria's struggle for liberation met his death. He was a revolutionary leader as well as a poet, known for his patriotic verses. Botev formed a brave guerrilla troops squad to lend assistance to the April Rising in 1876. He was and is still respected by all Bulgarians even though he is not among us.

All Bulgarians are thankful and respectful that a person like him once lived and did everything possible he could do for our liberation from the Turks. Vratza is like the rest of Bulgaria-just worth visiting and if you want to know more about the Bulgarian history that is the right place to find out more .

Things to do

There are lots of things to do and see in Vratza here is just a few:

- The natural park "Vrachanski Balkan", near the city, gives wonderful opportunities for hiking. Here is located the most cave - rich area around the country - more than 500 caves and Karst precipices. On the park`s territory occurs one of the most beautiful Bulgarian caves - "Ledenika". It is proclaimed for Natural sight and tourist object with international importance

- Ethnographic complex Sofronii Vrachanski, which is part of the Historical museum. It has 5 buildings Hajitoshev’s house, the house of Grigoriya Naidenov, the house of Ivan Zambin, the church Ascension and Ascension School. Here you can see specific national costumes from the region, the arrangement of the houses, labour implements, looms and everything that the people have used in their daily lifes

- The Town Historical museum, which is located at the central town square. You can see labour implements and articles of the living standard since the Neolith. In the hall, which is devoted to the Middle Ages, interesting are the exponents that reveal the life of the ancient Thracian tribes

- Some lovely Restaurants, bars and discos are found here


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