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Yambol region is situated in the south-eastern part of Bulgaria. It is distinguished for the numerous cultural and historical sights. The biggest settlement is the municipal town of Yambol, where you can visit interesting monuments of culture such as Eski mosque, the church of 'St. George' and etc. Very attractive is the town's park, picturesquely situated on the bank of Tundja river. A sight of great interest in the region is the national archaeological reserve of Kabile that keeps the ancient ruins of an important Thracian town.

The ancient town sprang up as a Thracian settlement called ''Kabile'' at an important crossroads. Later it became a significant fortress. During the Roman domination the town reached its prime. On his way trough the town in 293 emperor Diokletian gave it the name of ''Disopolos''. It existed till 378 when the Goths destroyed it. The first written information dates back to 6-th century. Since 11– 14-th centuries it was mentioned as a Bulgarian town having different names - ''Diosopolis'', ''Dublino'', etc. The town was among the first to put up resistance to the Ottomans. It was conquered in 1373 after a long siege. Part of the imposing fortress walls and towers of medieval, Yambol have been preserved till this present days.

During the Turkish rule many Turks settled to live here, and after the Russian- Turkish war of 1829 many Bulgarians from the town and the vicinity emigrated to Russia. The town is a native place of the revolutionaries Radi Kolesov, Zahari Velichkov, etc.

Things to do

There are lots of things to do and see in Yambol here is just a few:

- St.George church with a remarkable iconostasis

- The Roman baths

-The Middle Ages fortress,

-Tundzha River offers good conditions for hunting tourism, and boat sightseeing cruises in picturesque areas amidst the lush vegetation

- famous red wines of Yambol should not be overlooked

- The most famous ancient historical site in the region is the Thracian city of Kabille, near the village of Kabille

- Many ancient and traditional ritual and crafts are preserved in the region and can be observed during the numerous folklore holidays, gatherings and singing competitions


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